Colour Charts

We use three standard roofing colour charts, COLORSTEEL® Endura™, COLORSTEEL® Maxx™ and COLORCOTE® BASIC. Textured roof tiles come in either green or charcoal.

If your roof design requires something more specific, please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

*Please note, colours may vary when viewing or printing from your computer. Please contact us for accurate colour charts.

COLORSTEEL® Endura™ colour chart:

Desert Sand Bone White
Titania Cloud
Smooth Cream Storm Blue
New Denim Blue Pacific Blue
Azure Ebony
Iron Sand Grey Friars
Sandstone Grey Stone
Gull Grey Karaka
Permanent Green Rivergum
Lichen Mist Green
Terracotta Scoria
Pioneer Red Lignite

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COLORSTEEL® Maxx™ colour chart:

Thunder Grey Smokey
Maple Indigo Blue
Mirage Straw
Foam Sorrell
Ivorie Kelp
Gable Green Spring Green

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COLORCOTE® BASIC colour chart:

Threadbow White Smooth Cream
Terracotta Lichen
Alpine Blue Sandstone Grey
Off White Desert Sand
Coral Red Mist Green
New Denim Greyfriars
Titania Lignite
Pioneer Red Rivergum
Ironsand Bone White
Scoria Permanent Green

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Gull Grey Admiralty Grey
Beech Grey Flannel
Kauri Beige
Venetian Yellow Charcoal Brown
Frosted Mint Terracotta Rose
Venus French Grey
Birch Grey Mountain Blue
Biscuit Flint
Ironbark Saltbush
Pantone Apricot Weathered Copper
Jade Autumn Red
Observatory Grey Wizard
Slate Bronze Olive
Windsor Grey New Cedar
Stromboli Torres Blue
Black Patina
Denim Blue Imperial Ivy Green

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COLORCOTE® PREMIUM colour chart:

Pacific White Mist Green
Gull Grey Torres Blue
Smooth Cream Bone White
Pantone Apricot Greyfriars
Jade Beige
Alpine Blue Coral Red
Off White Rivergum
Sandstone Grey New Denim Blue
Desert Sand Ironsand
Terracotta Rose Lignite
Lichen Pioneer Red
Mountain Blue Permanent Green
Titania Charcoal Brown
Grey Flannel Scoria
Biscuit Karaka
Metallic Colours:
Metallic Silver Metallic Antique Bronze
Metallic Copper Metallic Coppertone
Metallic Gunmetal Anodised Bronze

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Poppy Lazerite Blue
Tuscan Red Indigo

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Texture roof colour chart:

Green Charcoal